Source code for pyngrok.exception

__author__ = "Alex Laird"
__copyright__ = "Copyright 2020, Alex Laird"
__version__ = "4.1.0"

[docs]class PyngrokError(Exception): """ Raised when a general ``pyngrok`` error has occurred. """ pass
[docs]class PyngrokSecurityError(PyngrokError): """ Raised when a ``pyngrok`` security error has occurred. """ pass
[docs]class PyngrokNgrokInstallError(PyngrokError): """ Raised when an error has occurred while downloading and installing the ``ngrok`` binary. """ pass
[docs]class PyngrokNgrokError(PyngrokError): """ Raised when an error occurs interacting directly with the ``ngrok`` binary. :var error: A description of the error being thrown. :vartype error: str :var ngrok_logs: The ``ngrok`` logs, which may be useful for debugging the error. :vartype ngrok_logs: list[NgrokLog] :var ngrok_error: The error that caused the ``ngrok`` process to fail. :vartype ngrok_error: str """ def __init__(self, error, ngrok_logs=None, ngrok_error=None): super(PyngrokNgrokError, self).__init__(error) if ngrok_logs is None: ngrok_logs = [] self.ngrok_logs = ngrok_logs self.ngrok_error = ngrok_error
[docs]class PyngrokNgrokHTTPError(PyngrokNgrokError): """ Raised when an error occurs making a request to the ``ngrok`` web interface. The ``body`` contains the error response received from ``ngrok``. :var error: A description of the error being thrown. :vartype error: str :var url: The request URL that failed. :vartype url: str :var status_code: The response status code from ``ngrok``. :vartype status_code: int :var message: The response message from ``ngrok``. :vartype message: str :var headers: The request headers sent to ``ngrok``. :vartype headers: dict[str, str] :var body: The response body from ``ngrok``. :vartype body: str """ def __init__(self, error, url, status_code, message, headers, body): super(PyngrokNgrokHTTPError, self).__init__(error) self.url = url self.status_code = status_code self.message = message self.headers = headers self.body = body
[docs]class PyngrokNgrokURLError(PyngrokNgrokError): """ Raised when an error occurs when trying to initiate an API request. :var error: A description of the error being thrown. :vartype error: str :var reason: The reason for the URL error. :vartype reason: str """ def __init__(self, error, reason): super(PyngrokNgrokURLError, self).__init__(error) self.reason = reason