Source code for pyngrok.conf

import os

from pyngrok.installer import get_ngrok_bin

__author__ = "Alex Laird"
__copyright__ = "Copyright 2020, Alex Laird"
__version__ = "4.1.9"

BIN_DIR = os.path.normpath(os.path.join(os.path.abspath(os.path.dirname(__file__)), "bin"))
DEFAULT_NGROK_PATH = os.path.join(BIN_DIR, get_ngrok_bin())

DEFAULT_NGROK_CONFIG_PATH = os.path.join(os.path.expanduser("~"), ".ngrok2", "ngrok.yml")

[docs]class PyngrokConfig: """ An object containing ``pyngrok``'s configuration for interacting with the ``ngrok`` binary. All values are optional when it is instantiated, and default values will be used for parameters not passed. On import, ``conf.DEFAULT_PYNGROK_CONFIG`` is instantiated to a :class:`~pyngrok.conf.PyngrokConfig` with default values. When ``pyngrok_config`` is not passed to methods in :mod:`~pyngrok.ngrok`, this default will be used. :var ngrok_path: The path to the ``ngrok`` binary, defaults to the value in `conf.DEFAULT_NGROK_PATH <index.html#config-file>`_ :vartype ngrok_path: str :var config_path: The path to the ``ngrok`` config, defaults to ``None`` and ``ngrok`` manages it. :vartype config_path: str :var auth_token: An authtoken to pass to commands (overrides what is in the config). :vartype auth_token: str :var region: The region in which ``ngrok`` should start. :vartype region: str :var monitor_thread: Whether ``ngrok`` should continue to be monitored (for logs, etc.) after it startup is complete. :vartype monitor_thread: bool :var log_event_callback: A callback that will be invoked each time ``ngrok`` emits a log. ``monitor_thread`` must be set to ``True`` or the function will stop being called after ``ngrok`` finishes starting. :vartype log_event_callback: types.FunctionType :var startup_timeout: The max number of seconds to wait for ``ngrok`` to start before timing out. :vartype startup_timeout: int :var max_logs: The max number of logs to store in :class:`~pyngrok.process.NgrokProcess`'s ``logs`` variable. :vartype max_logs: int :var request_timeout: The max timeout when making requests to ``ngrok``'s API. :vartype request_timeout: float :var start_new_session: Passed to :py:class:`subprocess.Popen` when launching ``ngrok``. (Python 3 and POSIX only) :vartype start_new_session: bool """ def __init__(self, ngrok_path=None, config_path=None, auth_token=None, region=None, monitor_thread=True, log_event_callback=None, startup_timeout=15, max_logs=100, request_timeout=4, start_new_session=False): self.ngrok_path = DEFAULT_NGROK_PATH if ngrok_path is None else ngrok_path self.config_path = DEFAULT_CONFIG_PATH if config_path is None else config_path self.auth_token = auth_token self.region = region self.monitor_thread = monitor_thread self.log_event_callback = log_event_callback self.startup_timeout = startup_timeout self.max_logs = max_logs self.request_timeout = request_timeout self.start_new_session = start_new_session